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14 září 2009

Právě probíhá soutěž s výrobky Huggies, za které získáváte body vyměnitelné za dárek.

11 září 2009

Skončila velká akce Globusu nazvaná Úsměv za úsměv. Od zákazníků jsme celkem obdrželi 116.029 úsměvů.

27 června 2009

Dnes proběhlo finále soutěže Globus grillmánie 2009. Titul českého mistra v grilování získal tým "United steaks".

How to get a good loan with a bad credit history

There are very few ideal credit histories. The rest contain information on delinquencies and / or other facts that spoil the quality of the document and temporarily do not allow borrowers to take normal loans in normal banks. However, there is at least one way to get a loan now and on fairly favorable terms. Even though credit history is not perfect.

The quality of credit history is the determining factor for a bank when it decides whether to give you a loan or not. And, if earlier the requirements of banks were lower, and the loan was easy to get, now the situation has changed. Applying for a loan in general, especially on a lucrative loan, can only be done with a good credit history. Statistics show that more than half of borrowers do not have such a history. Is it closed for them to lend? Not really.

Everything new is a well-forgotten old one!

During the years of the so-called boom (2010 - 2013), when banks increased their portfolios and distributed loans literally to the right and to the left, we all used to the formulation of "credit without collateral and guarantors". Such loans are called unsecured and are now practically inaccessible to the average borrower. But secured loans - bail of third parties and / or pledge - is another matter. They are issued well. And here there are no pitfalls or know-how. Simply having collateral reduces bank risks when issuing a loan. Even if the client stops paying, the bank will always be able to get its money back through the realization of the collateral. Also, the availability of collateral eliminates the need for the bank to "sew" its risks into a bet. And this means that the bank not only can offer the customer a loan, but also make a favorable interest on it. Anyway, for borrowers, getting
unsecured loans for bad credit is their good solution to get out of their emergency financial situation. We hope this article can be useful for you to get an understanding about how to get a loan with your bad credit.

another opportunity. Did you realize that there are as yet numerous different choices for individuals with terrible credit? There are likewise numerous administration assets that can enable you to get an awful credit ensured advances you merit.